Saturday, 6 June 2015

June Meeting - History of Telescopes

I counted just 25 of us that met on our usual 1st Tuesday of the month.
Several "regulars" were not with us - Chairman Jim was visiting family in Australia, Rob & Nathan apologized for their absence, Goodwick Mike and Kim & Jenny were unusually not with us but hopefully will be back in July.

Always good to have new faces and this time it was Keith who has recently moved into Letterston so managed to find us quite easily.

He has a Skywatcher 127 that he brought along seeking some advice. After the meeting several of us made some (hopefully) encouraging observations.

Here we have Andrew Sprott from Swansea - the first man to arrive. He gave the warmly received talk on the "History of Telescopes" - material that his old friend Fred Whittle (now sadly deceased) had compiled with him some years ago. 

First we had our usual "What's Up" material for the month of June.
Though daylight hours are greatly reduced currently -  the good news is that we are downhill to winter after 21st June, the date for the Summer Solstice in 2015.
The material has been placed on "dropbox" for easy download - you don't need an account just click on "open" when prompted.
(It does work - my guinea pig has tested it!!)

The lady beaming at the front is Gladys who came with her husband (or chauffeur as he called himself).
The two ladies that generally bring her were not free so Tony(?) stepped in.

Next month (July 7th) is our last meeting until September.
Jim will handle the "What's Up" and the main talk on "Women in Astronomy" is being covered by Kim Gowney.

Before that we have been invited to support the Letterston Carnival on Saturday June 13th.
Several of us will be there to view our closest star with dedicated Solar telescopes and others will be on hand with telescopes having  the requisite filters attached for safe viewing.
Join us if you can - weather permitting it is a good opportunity to share our hobby with those in the territory!
Check the forum for latest timing/news but I anticipate we will arrive around noon.

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