Monday, 15 June 2015

Letterston Carnival

The Letterston Hall Committee politely requested our presence at the Carnival this year and Saturday the 13th June was the day.

The weather was forecast as rainy with 100% cloud so we opted for the indoor display.

I collected the display boards from Jim's place on the way and Sue and I arrived around 1.00 to find Phil already there.

The Coronado caught the eye of many and along with Phil's 70mm refractor, complete with solar  filter, we had plenty to talk about.

Likely we spoke to more people inside than we would have done outside and advanced our cause by the distribution of plenty of literature on the sky and the P.A.G.. The sheet at the bottom left of the table was the biggest mover (I know you can't see it!!) - it gave details of the group and the meeting place/time. (particularly handy for this venue.).

One of the outside attractions that attracted Phil was the steam engine below.

Being a "nuts and bolts" man this was right up his street and he went back many times.

Several we spoke with were seriously considering coming to meetings.

One man I spoke with had recently attended a lecture, in Welsh, given by Rhodri Evans.

Being from London and recently moved to Brimaston he didn't understand too much but he sounded keen to meet up with us. (Rob - I told you it began with a C - and I still don't know where it is!!).

Things started getting noisy what with dancing and drums so by 4.30 we were ready to pack up - and it was still raining.

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